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Image by Yasmine Arfaoui

August 2023 Update

Hello everyone! We’ve been really blessed to see how God has been moving here over the past few months. We recently took a trip down to where we used to live (Fort Dauphin) and were able to do ministry there for about a month. It was a great opportunity for us to visit many of the local churches in different villages, spend time with the leaders, and minister to the believers there. It was also very exciting for us to visit new church groups that we had not yet been to before.

One of the villages that we went to has been meeting for a few years now. Unfortunately, they did not have a church building where they could meet. This makes it harder to have church services because people’s houses are too small to hold everyone and people don’t take them seriously as a church if they don’t have a building. They had gathered materials and built a frame for the church and we were excited to come alongside them and partner with them financially to add on walls and a roof to their building.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-29 at 6.15.35 PM.jpeg

This meant a lot to their village. We went and camped there for two nights before the grand opening of the church and were able to preach the gospel throughout the whole village. We also were blessed to be able to see about 10 people get baptized that Sunday morning.

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There are still many other churches that have been meeting for a long time that do not have a building. It is in our heart to be able to partner with those churches in the future in order to help them complete a simple church building in their village.

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While we were there we were also able to hold two women’s conferences in two different villages. Rachel, Pia (a friend and volunteer from Germany), and some female Malagasy ministry partners taught the women. Altogether, about 170 women came out and heard the gospel and were taught how God has a special purpose for their lives and wants to use them. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-19 at 10.48.43 PM.jpeg

Many women decided to follow Christ and gave their lives to him. Please pray that these women would be able to grow in their faith and that the local church in their village would continue to disciple them.

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It was also a blessing for us to spend time with our sponsor kids and their family that we’ve put them with. We got to spend Mother’s Day with them and honour their Moms who are looking after them.

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Even though we are not living in the south, a lot of the ministry that we are involved with still takes place there and we are so happy each time that we get to go there to visit the people there.

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  1. Pray for our Malagasy partners in the south - that they would remain faithful to the Lord and that He would keep using them to spread the gospel to unreached villages in the south. 

  2. Please pray for the ministry that we are involved with online here in Antananarivo (New Life Madagascar). We are asking the Lord for wisdom as this ministry is growing here. 

  3. Prayer for the right Malagasy partners to work with us here in Antananarivo.

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