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Image by Yasmine Arfaoui

October 2022 Update

Hey everyone, we're back in the capital (Antananarivo)! We were in Fort Dauphin for just over two months and it was such a wonderful time to reconnect and visit many people. It was also a good opportunity to move out of our old house since we will be living here in Antananarivo.


While we were there we had the opportunity to visit many different churches out in villages that we had been working in. It was a blessing to see so many of them still meeting together, and growing spiritually. We were happy to see that there are new churches that have started in new villages since we have been gone and it was exciting to be able to see some of these places. 


 During our time there, we were able to gather around 70 leaders and pastors that we work with for two days of teaching. During this time, Alex taught them about living a holy life for God as leaders and also taught about strategies for sharing the gospel and making future disciples. Many of the leaders shared their goals and plans to go to new places to share the gospel.


For the past few years, we have been sponsoring orphaned and abandoned children who lived in a village called Ambovo. They were living there with the parents that we have placed them with. However, during our trip, we decided that it would be better for them to move into town (Fort Dauphin) where they would have access to a better school. So they have now moved into town and are living in a house on land that we had purchased.

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While we were in Canada, a lady named Adorée had been living in our house and looking after  four of the other children that are sponsored through Abba’s Home. Because we are not living in Fort Dauphin anymore, we decided to let go of the house and so Adorée and the children also moved onto a piece of land that Abba’s Home had purchased.



When we look back at our time that we lived in Fort Dauphin since 2017, we are amazed at what God has done there; how He has transformed the lives of people, and how He is using those people to take the gospel further. God has taught us so many things in the years that we lived there and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve Him there.

Even though we have now left Fort Dauphin, it is still very much in our hearts and that is still where a lot of the ministry we are involved in is taking place. It is our plan to stay in close contact with the people there and hopefully visit there again maybe two times each year. We would like to be able to keep on encouraging the pastors and leaders that we worked with as well as keep in contact with our sponsor families. Thank you very much for all of your love, prayers and support. 



  1. For God’s kingdom to be advanced in Fort Dauphin.

  2. That we (our kids included) would settle in quickly and get into a routine here. 

  3. That people's hearts would be transformed through the videos through New Life Madagascar.

  4. That God would lead us in the next steps in what ministry looks like here in Antananarivo with New Life Madagascar.


       Thank you and God bless!

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