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Image by Yasmine Arfaoui

November 2023 Update

Hello from Madagascar! We really thank God for how he has been moving over these past couple months.

One area we have really seen him moving is through our online ministry. Alex is still continuing to put videos out regularly and in response to that, hundreds of people have been messaging us saying how the videos have impacted them, some seeking spiritual counsel, and quite a lot (177 in the month of November alone) have either wanted to give their lives to Christ for the first time or rededicate their lives to him. 

We have been leading these people in giving their lives to Christ and then we continue to disciple them afterwards.

Due to the high number of people messaging us and needing online counsel and discipling, we have recently hired someone to come on our team to be discipling these people and answering questions. We are constantly humbled and seeking God as we are seeing this part of the ministry constantly expanding. 

This month, Alex also spoke at a couple different places. One was a youth event and another was preaching at a church. We are grateful for the opportunities that God has given him to share His word and make an eternal impact wherever he is speaking.

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Since January, Rachel has been going with a local church here called La Porte each Wednesday to visit an area where there are many people living and working beside a garbage dump. Each week  they go to the school there and sing songs, teach bible stories, and play games with the children there. After that, they go and lead two bible studies in the yards of the people there. Some of the people there have been coming to the bible studies since January and despite the many financial challenges they are facing, they are faithful in coming each week and desiring to know God more and more. 


At this time, we basically have a team of 6 people (Malagasy missionaries) who go to different villages each week to share the gospel, encourage and teach pastors, and encourage and teach believers in churches that have already been planted. Lord willing, Alex will be going there in a couple of months to check on the work there.



  1. For God to guide us as the online ministry expands.

  2. For the Pastors that we work with in the bush to really remain faithful to serving God and not to fall into temptation.

  3. For health for our family especially Gianna our youngest who has been sick for the past few weeks.

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