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In 2020 we had to leave the field and return to Canada for much longer than we had expected because of the pandemic. During that time, God put it on our hearts to begin teaching his word online so that we could still reach and teach people here in Madagascar, even though we were far away. These videos are done in the Malagasy language (the main language spoken here in Madagascar). 
Simply put, we have been absolutely in awe of what God has done through the videos on our page called New Life Madagascar. To date, we have put out about 60 videos and, although there are only approximately 30 million people worldwide who can speak this language, the videos have been watched over 7.5 million times. Glory to God!
We have received thousands of messages from people who either want to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, want to grow closer to God, need prayer, or need biblical counsel. We have the privilege of helping and discipling these people so that they can have a deeper relationship with God.


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